Our club mission is to ensure a rich riding tradition for future generations, preserve public lands for public usage, be a friend to the community and environment, and to educate and advocate for safe riding habits.
  • 1) The club property is owned by the Mason Dixon Riders Association (MDRA) and is intended for use by MDRA members only.
  • 2) All family members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when riding on or attending any function on the club property.
  • 3) All members riding on the club property must use all proper safety equipment (Helmet, eye protection, ankle supported boots, long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants and gloves).
  • 4) There must be no private use of the club property during any scheduled event.
  • 5) No member should ride unaccompanied on the club property for safety.
  • 6) The use of alcohol is prohibited for anyone riding or driving on the club property.
  • 7) All members riding on the club property must be aware of other riders and the direction they are traveling.
  • 8) Take all of your trash with you when exiting the club property.
  • 9) Absolutely, NO side by sides (UTV's, SxS, Razors, etc.) on the motocross track at anytime.
  • 10) The trails are marked and must always be traveled on in the direction that is indicated by the arrows. Traveling the opposite direction on the marked trails is unsafe and will not be tolerated.

2020 Officers

Gary Spitznogle Picture

Gary Spitznogle

Sean Morris Picture
Vice President

Sean Morris

Joshuah Dains Picture

Joshuah Dains

Alyssa Miller Picture

Alyssa Miller

Mike Blair Picture
Assistant Treasurer

Mike Blair

Jeremy Miller Picture
Trail Captain

Jeremy Miller

Josh Humble Picture
Trail Captain

Josh Humble

Rodney Wood Picture
Trail Captain

Rodney Wood

Frank Headley Picture
Road Captain

Frank Headley

Bill Kiger Picture
Road Captain

Bill Kiger

The answers to the most frequently asked questions...
  • Q: I want to become a member, but I do not know anyone who can sponsor me. What do I do?

    A: There are two ways for you to meet some of our members. First, you can come early to a monthly meeting. The officers typically arrive 30 minutes early and would be happy to talk with you to see if you are a good fit for our club. The second way is to come to one of our Events that are open to the public. Not only does this allow you to meet some of the members, it allows you try the property out before you join.
  • Q: Do I need to be an AMA Member?

    A: While not a requirement for membership, we do highly encourage our members to join the AMA if they have not already done so. The Mason Dixon Riders Association is an AMA Charter club. In order to remain an AMA charter club, we must maintain a certain level of our membership as AMA members.
  • Q: As a member, can I bring my friends and family?

    A: All memberships allow your immediate family to use our club property. This, however, does come with certain restrictions. You may bring your spouse and any children under 17. If your children are older 17, then they themselves must become members. Only members are allowed on club property unless there is an event that is open to the public. When there is an event open to the public, you may bring anyone you would like. In fact, bring as many people as you can!
  • Q: Can I bring my UTV (Sxs, Razor, etc.)?

    A: During any event UTV's are not allowed except for official club use only. During days when there is not an event, you may bring your UTV. It should be noted that while UTV's are allowed to be used on the property by the club's members, none of the trails have been created with the usage of UTV's in mind. Please also be aware that UTV's are never allowed to be used on the motocross track.

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